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Dual Universe & SLI

Dual Universe

Dual Universe is a Continuous Single-Shard sandbox MMORPG taking place in a vast fully editable Sci-Fi universe, focusing on emergent gameplay with player-driven in-game economy, politics, trade and warfare. Read more »

Silverlight Industries

Silver Light Industries is a neutral PVE-focused gaming organization of Dual Universe and one of the oldest active organizations in the community. Positions are available in every skillset and area of interest.

SLI Concept Art


It is Silverlight Industries mission to be the driving force of innovative designs, sales in practical and/or luxury vehicles and structures. Serving a high proportion of the player base and providing adaptability in our designs and constructs.

We at Silverlight Industries strive to achieve our Mission by employing unique and like-minded individuals who seek to improve, strengthen and adapt themselves and the people around them, finding new and innovative ideas and designs, incorporating refreshing perspectives and possibilities whilst retaining integrity and respect among fellow employees and customers alike.